Prints & Prices


Print on wallThe prints are all silver gelatin and most are toned in selenium for clarification and archival purposes. The recent and almost total shift to digital prints has made traditional darkroom materials harder to find and more expensive. A number of manufacturers have closed and the selections have become limited. I have printed on Brilliant papers for years and now they are not available in sizes larger than 16 x 20.

Ilford is one of the few double weight papers still being made in 20 x 24 format with a neutral to cold background. However, the silver print is still my first choice. Each silver print is a distinctive original unlike any other. The surface textures are real and a result of the wet darkroom process and human judgment. They feel and look good!

With a few exceptions the prints on this web site were shot on Ilford film in the studio with controlled light and a Mamiya RZ-67 medium format camera.

Prints are available in small signed limited editions of ten to fifteen in three groups: 11 x 14, 16 x 20 and 20 x 24. Some negatives are harder to print than others and the negative or image may require more time in the darkroom and can impact price.

Pricing includes 8-ply, archival hinged over-mats in neutral white. All pricing is subject to change. Prices for individual prints and shipping costs will be provided upon request.

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